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St. Anne's Filipino-American Association


As you all know, St. Anne's is in a financial struggle and we need our parishioners to come work for our continued well being!!!! Finally someone has gone above and beyond in an effort to make sure that the doors of St. Anne's Church and School will be open every morning we want to enter them.  This is an extremely important drive.  Our Fil-Am Association has outdone themselves in effort, ingenuity, and creativity.  Please log onto their website at the following link.  LOOK at what they have planned for the benefit of all of us.  It behooves each and every one of us who love St. Anne's to get with the programs being offered---- let us participate in every possible way and at every possible opportunity to ensure that St. Anne's will always be here for all of us.  God bless everyone and thank you to our Fil-Am Association for their hard work and planning.

Remember, when we fall down we MUST get up and keep going --  HE did!

Our Fil-Am brothers and sisters contribute to our parish family in many ways as do our other brother and sister special organizations.

Of the many contributions, the celebration of Simbang Gabi Sa  (which is celebrated every year starting 9 days before Christmas and ending on Christmas Eve) is one of my favorite celebrations.  It is a 9 day novena which serves to deepen our understanding of the Yuletide Season and to prepare ourselves to celebrate the meaning  of Christmas - Loving and Giving. When you attend, you hear the lovely sounds of the Himig  (Sound) choir.  It is truly an experience which will open your hearts to the coming of the Lord. the  Following the Mass every night there is a mini feast to which everyone is invited.

What is Simbang Gabi?

it is a Novena of Advent Masses celebrated at dawn in the Philippines to heighten the faithful anticipation of the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  This joyful event, dating back to the 1700's, honors the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Originally a Mexican tradition, "Simbang Gabi" was introduced by Spanish Missionaries to the Filipinos who continue to keep the tradition alive till this day. 

In some areas, an hour or so before the Mass, a band plays traditional Christmas carols all over town and the whole village remains vigilant for the "Simbang Gabi" observance.  "Parol" or lantern, that most popular Christmas symbol, adorns churches and homes as it represents the Star of Bethlehem.  the "parol" or lantern has the two-fold meaning of symbolically guiding the Messiah to come to the house and announcing that the family displaying this symbol is a family that has accepted the Messiah.  It is a symbolic declaration that  "We are Christians in this house." 


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